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Thursday, July 30, 2015

About What VIDEOS Should Be

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Starving kids in Africa

A joke about starving kids in Africa, really??  Yes, see comedian Dwayne Perkins discuss how his eating habits were developed & how we “help” those starving children. Thanks for this clip, Dwayne! (Dwayne’s website is at: http://www.dwayneperkins.com/ ) **For an article on hunger that SHOULD be on the front page of your newspaper today, but [...]


Technology is the solution to the most pressing problems of humanity when it is used to benefit humanity rather than for the creation of private profit. Here’s a short video clip introduction (less than a minute) into how TECHNOLOGY can save humanity.   It’s a clip from the movie about inventor/futurist Ray Kurzweil called “The Transcendent [...]

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